A Sunny Sunday Afternoon

Peggy and I were gettin' ready to go berry pickin' when the phone rang. It was our good friends Sam and Louise asking us if we wanted to go over and eat crawfish with them. Well, needless to say the berry picking got postponed. We grabbed an ice chest with a few beers and a lil watermelon we had cooling it's heels in there, and set sail for Smokin' Sam's playhouse. The crawfish were spicy and delicious. I ate 2 pans like this full and Peggy finished her panful too. Not bad for a Yankee-turned-Cajun. :-) We don't call him "Smokin' Sam" for nothing. Note the thick black coating on the inside of his smoke house? Well it aint paint; it's thousands of hours of smoke that cured that box. I keep telling him when he finally wears it out we need to grind the box up and sell it for potpourri. We could call it "Ode de Smokehouse" and make a fortune. Their son Stan, was down from Alaska, and we had a wonderful evening visiting, and enjoying the beautiful Spring weather. Stan's friends from town stopped by to visit. The little melon we brought was a welcome treat after the spicy crawfish. It was sweet and got a roaring approval from Sam. Thank God that Peggy and I are blessed with friends like these. The fact that they boil a mean pot of crawfish don't hurt either.
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