Your Tax Dollars

I know I said this before, but for the life of me I don't understand why it ain't being addressed. Every time I push into the bank waiting for the Industrial locks in New Orleans, I see the pretty pastel, new houses being built in the Lower Ninth Ward. It's a pretty site, sitting behind their new improved multi-hundred million dollar protection wall along the levee, built by the Corps of Engineers. They are so proud of this new, better, taller, sturdier wall, that they keep it clean and graffiti free. Or, maybe the reason the graffiti is quickly painted over is because most of it points out their glaring mistake. So I ask ya how much safer should the citizens feel, knowing that the mighty Corps of Engineers tied this very expensive project into the ole shabby short wall that failed them in the past? This is where the seawall failed during Hurricane Katrina that let all that water in and flooded the Lower Ninth Ward, and all those people were killed. Notice how the new wall angles sharply down to the old, much shorter, structure. I ask ya how much safer should they feel now??
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