Cappy's Oldest Godson Graduates

Owen is the oldest son of Cappy's best buddy, David, whom he's known since grade school. David's beautiful wife is Ginger, who is an extrememly talented artist. This lady handcrafts her own cards and stationary, among other things. Owen's graduation card, here, is just one example.
David and Ginger have two boys, the younest being Patrick, who will also be graduating in a few years. The boys have both been home-schooled and I've never seen such fun-loving, highly intelligent, sweet-natured teenagers...ever! They are more than well-educated. Their parents have taken them to places of historical interest to help them better understand what it is they are learning about. They are well-rounded, being heavily involved with all kinds of sports, such as kayaking and snow skiing. (Cappy doesn't understand how someone born and raised in the warm South could travel north to FREEZE and have fun doing so. From past blogs, I guess you know that I've never had fun in the snow while growing up.) The thing that makes the difference with these boys is that the parents are involved with the kids in most of the sports and family activities; a rare commodity in today's mode of parenting. I mean they GO kayaking, etc. as a family. The boys have also always interacted with other kids in their sports and education. They haven't been raised in a bubble, or vacuum just because they are home-schooled.
Cappy is "Paran" (Godfather in French) to both boys. Every year these "mens" get together for their anual squirrel hunt in Mississippi. "Mens" only. It's been a wonderful time for them to bond, and for Cappy to be able to pass on down to the boys what he's learned from his father and grandfathers.
Since our blog is sort of like our Friends' (of which we consider you) and Family's 'newspaper', we wanted to share Owen's Graduation with you, and send him Big Congratulations. (psst, Owen....a card is in da mail!)
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