Guarding the Grapes...The Last Straw.

Agent Double O....what...eleven? "My name is Crow....SCARE Crow." I just went out and had a good look at the grapes. Soooo far, they are looking pretty good. This guy must be helping out a little bit then. He's standing guard under the arbor.
The gladiolas are coming along nicely, as well. Today at church everyone brought a flower for Jesus' Mother. I took this gladiola to add to the bouquet of a myriad of different kinds of flowers, which ended up being three baskets full and gorgeous. Tomorrow, since I will be singing with the Gospel Group, the people going to mass will also be bringing flowers. Three masses. Three massive masses of gorgeous bouquets of flowers. Well, since I already brought a flower to Mary, tomorrow I want to bring this one to church for my Mom. I sure do miss her.

If my Mom had've been in church today, tho, she probably would've wanted to paddle my behind. It was bad enough what I did during choir practice, when the ladies were talking about an older lady who had tried to stomp on a cockroach, but in doing so, had fallen and broken her hip. The poor thing. We all vowed to certainly pray for her...what a terrible thing to have happened! I sincerely feel bad, and hope she recovers well, but why in the world did I have to open my mouth, like a dumb-head and ask, "Did she get it??" I guess as 'punishment', after choir practice, somehow a bunch of the keys on my accordian got stuck, so now I can't play it . Subsequently, today I got to sing with the choir instead. I certainly can't sing as well as most of the ladies in the choir, so I leaned over to Danny, one of the guitar players, and said, "I don't know which is worse; the accordian squawking, or my singing, so I'll just sit here and play my arm-pits with you guys". He chuckled. Well, it went well, I think, singing with the group. I couldn't keep my fingers still during some of the songs that I like to play. We were about to start a very deeply respectful song, when I got Danny's attention again, put one hand under my arm-pit, leaned over to look at his sheet music and asked, "What Key is this in?"
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