Nuthin' Like A Gooood Butt Rub

So, we been seein' those BBQ shows on the Food Network where they slow cook their meat for like 2 days or something and make a big deal over their pits, booths,decorations, etc. and barely mention the meat they cooked. The judges seem to spend lots more time worryin' bout whether the parsley garnish is wilted or not, than the taste of the ribs. Anyways, they always harpin' bout the great bbq places like Memphis or Kansas City , Texas,or the Carolinas or Somewheres.

Well, I got news for em. My family aint never decorated a plate of bbq with parsley or had no big fancy bbq pit shaped like a pistol or nuthin' but I'd stack our bbq against most anybody's. Shucks, I was prolly a teen-ager when I roasted my first whole hog and even younger when I put my first ribs or roast on a pit. One of my earliest memories is of us boys goin' out in da woods and shootin' birds with B-B guns and roasting em on an open fire. Well enough bout that, I figured I'd try one of those dry rubs like they use on all those tv shows. We usually season and marinate our meat and then mop it with sauce just before it's done. I mixed brown cane suger with some of me and Peg's spice mix and rubbed the heck outa dat butt roast, then put it on my ole bbq pit for bout 6 hrs. It came out wonderful! Tender, smokey, flavorful , with a definite Cajun 'kick'. I think next time I will adjust slightly, go ahead and marinate the meat in our spices over night, then rub it. I can guarantee ya it won't be served in a bed of parsley or curly lettuce leaves with radish roses, but as sure as ya readin' this, it's gonna be finger-licking, "slap yo Mama" good!
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