A Katrina Survival Story

You may recall from an earlier post Peg mentioning the oriental couple and their garden. One of the 'down sides' to my job is often having to wait looooong hours for our turn to go through the Algiers Locks. Well, ya always try to find something to amuse ya self while spending hours in the wheelhouse waiting ya turn for a locking. I usually spend the time catching up on the ever-growing pile of paper work we are required to do, or talking to my Sweety on the cell phone, or just gawking outa da wheelhouse windows. For years now I have seen this oriental couple, who I refer to in my mind as Mamasan and Papasan tend their garden. Their garden is a big sprawling afair divided into 4 sections divided by natural fences made of banana palms. I have enjoyed my little spells of voyeurisms watching this industrious couple work their garden in the early mornings and evenings when I was shoved into the bank waiting for the locks.
I peer at them through my field glasses watching their work, trying to imagine what they are growing; "some aisian things" I imagine, for they are far away and hard to see through my binoculars. I didnt even realize that they had become a part of my life til Katrina. I have been on a boat that didn't go in the river for over a year and honestly hadn't even thought of the couple I had watched gardening so often, while waiting for da locks. Suddenly one morning last month, I found myself sitting shoved inta the north bank of da Intercoastal Waterway waiting for my turn to lock to da river. As the mist cleared, I was moved by such joy, I found myself tearing up. For there through the mist, the garden came visible and there in her big straw hat was Mamasan moving through the mist harvesting her garden. Soon I saw Papasan with a huge hoe, hacking and turning away at what appeared to be a compost pile I guessed. "Dang these smaller field glasses"and I must tell ya my heart was filled with joy. Its funny how da storm has effected us all. One thing it has done for me is make me realize what is truely precious to me in this world. Whoever these people are, I am soooo very glad to see them back among the rubble and blue roofs tending their garden.What a symbol of strength and determination.
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