Full of Beans!

Well, this is another day's haul. Even with giving a pan full away to the neighbors, and eating a bunch of them daily, there are 6 qts. washed and snapped sitting in the freezer. I can just tell this tiny garden is going to be giving me fits this summer. Good fits. The grape arbor has bunches and bunches of grapes peeking out from under the lush leaves. One of the 'scare owls' is sitting in the arbor with the scarecrow 'scaring' the mocking birds, which have been flirting with the grapes. Next comes the aluminum pans. No pantyhose or bright yellow bars of soap, tho.

Awh...rats, I've been in a funk again with the Cappy being gone for more than a month this time, so taking care of all the great stuff in the yard hasn't been all that fun by myself. But...since I have a wedding to go to in NYS on June 3rd (I'm the mother of the groom), I shook it off and went shopping...yee-haw...so much for da blues. I got the 'slut' shoes! Our friends, Trishy, Taffy and Carol, long time ago inspired me about always making sure to have a pretty pair of them on hand for special occasions. Since the wedding colors are lilac/lavendar...whichever, I got two dresses (on sale!) both gorgeous and in the lavendar/lilac family, for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding ceremony. So then...the 'slut' shoes and purse to match, both being lusciously lavendar; I'm good to go! Only wish Cappy would be going with me.
I've got the plane reservations and all. It'll be my first time ever flying on a jet. Maybe I'm not being practical, but I'm going to try to only take one carry-on piece of luggage. Cappy, a seasoned flyer, guffawed at the thought of that. He said, " Peg, when you pack to go on a two day visit, you have the back bumper of the truck dragging sparks all the way there, and you think you are going away for a whole week with just a tiny bag?! This I've gotta see." Ahhh...he's full of beans. Or I am. We'll let you know.
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