But You're Gonna Come Back to See Us, Right??

After two cancelled flights back to Rochester, NY (Thursday and Friday), due to bad weather, today the dawgs and I saw Dan and his daughter, Destiny off at the airport. Dan, his new wife, Jennifer, and Destiny came down for the family Jambalaya last weekend. It was Wonderful having them here! Jennifer had to leave Sunday early to get back to her job for Monday. So, that left time time for Cappy and I to take Dan and Destiny around for a couple boat rides out in the bayou before he had to go back out to work on the tugboat, which I will post more about later, and time for "Daddy and Desi Lu" to have time together seeing the sights.

It was pretty hot out, and I had to keep hollaring up at them, telling them to get their 'mosey' on, but, just like I used to, when I first moved down here, they just couldn't shake their New York 'hustle'.
One of the things they did was visit some of the local plantations in the area. This particular plantation has been in several movies. It's really a sight when all the movie camera trucks are parked all over the place. Dan and Destiny soaked up a lot of history around the area, too, with their visits. Desi was prepared...she kept slathered with a lot of sunblock so she didn't soak up a lot of suntan. I think she went back as pale as she was when she first came down. I've always been fair-skinned myself; it took me a couple of years before I got any tan on me at all. Sighh...the "ArkyShow" (it's what she and Dan call SparkyBear and MarkyBear) have been moping around all day since they left, and I have, kinda, too. Well, at least one dog is very happy. That's her dog in Rochester, who's soooooo glad to see her come home, not to mention her family of course. And she's got souvenirs for everybody too!
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