Our annual family weekend

Well, our annual Jambalaya weekend was a roaring sucess. We had a small turnout, due to my schedule at work changing. This caused us to change the weekend date, and the new date interfered with some schedules. The food was good, if I say so myself, and it was wonderful having stepson, Dan and his family join us. It made this ole Cappy's heart swell with pride to have family to bring to the family reunion. Cousin Larry is busily loading pictures of the weekend onto the family website, but it takes time. For now though, click the title of this post to be brought to a steadily growing photo page on the family website. Click "View slideshow" when ya get there; be patient it takes a while to load, and enjoy the show. As always, please leave us a comment or question and we will gladly respond. It's nice to know yall are looking.
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