Had My Head in the Clouds

Hi again, All. I dunno, my trip to NYS (photo is from the plane headed North) was wonderful and since then I've been rushing from one thing to another, not taking the time to let everyone know how things have been. Cappy's done a great job of blogging, I think. He's a funny, intelligent guy alright. But everythings fine; we have had alot of fun with family and friends, which I will try to update soon. I was in Rochester for 1 week, came home and found our yard overgrown and fried. It's been over a month now since I got back home and I still haven't caught up. I feel bad for our neighbors cuz now they have to look at all the weeds waving at them from our yard. I'm not great at getting out early in the morning while the heat is still tolerable, to do yardwork. During the day it's horrid heat, so for sure I don't wanna go out then. I'm still formulating an excuse for not going out later in the day to pull the dang things either. I'm tired by that time? It's still hot out? Mosquitoes licking their chops, following me around, sharpening their knives and forks on their...what stingers? beaks? noses? Whadda ya call what they bite you with? I did mow the lawn yesterday at the fastest gear speed I could put it in, to get it done and get back in the house. Sunday...it's beautiful outside today. Right now it's 87 degrees (not too bad), the sky is gorgeous and puffy white clouds are building sturdy-looking mounds way up into the wild blue yonder. I think I'll lie down, gaze up out of the window at them, daydream at them and take a nap. So much for pulling my head out of anywhere and getting anything done now. In the words of Scarlet O'Hara, "Fiddle-dee dee, I'll think about that tomorrow". Ahem....sounds like a 'plan' to me.
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