house boats bayou style

As I travel at work I see many yachts and house boats, whose prices range from the multi-million dollar yachts that visit New Orleans, the big steam paddle wheel boats, to the homemade contraptions of rural Louisiana. I'm not nearly as impressed by the rich store-bought jobs as I am by the homemade Cajun weekend getaway crafts that come in all shapes, sizes and are powered by anything from out-board engines to volkswagon engines turning paddlewheels. I have a rather large collection of pictures of these "boats" that I have taken over the years, but rather than bore ya with them all, I have linked a few of my favorite ones to the title. Hope ya enjoy them. Please feel free to comment one way or another and let me know if ya like em and whats ya favorite. This is one of my favorites. I hope to be those old boys some day.

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