Let the good times commence

Greetings friends. Its only Thursday and the annual festivities have already begun. Stepson Dan, his new wife Jennifer, and daughter Destiny arrived today for our annual Family Jambalaya. Peg and I are thrilled that they were able to come this year. We throw this shindig every year for the family clan; from my grandfather's family on down, 'bout 5 generations of fun-loving Cajuns. This year, for the first time, one of my step kids (Dan) brought his family from New York State and I can't be more proud. With this in mind, I did what any self-respecting Cajun would do............. I cooked! Fired up the ole bbq and Peg and I introduced these New Yorkers to Cajun-style bbq. We had a great time, drank a lil, played a lil and jammed to some good Blues. If the next 3 days are any thing to compare, its gonna be a great weekend. Tomorow brings the Seafood Courtboullion and more family arriving. If time allows, I'll keep yall posted on the happenings.
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