Celebration Vacation in Western NY

(I should let you know that this is going to sound confusing to you, talking about two Jennifers. My daughter's name is Jennifer, and my son, who was getting married, was marrying a girl named Jennifer as well. To keep things from getting too confusing, we call my daughter her knick-name, which is "Sookie".This first picture is Russ and Sookie.)From the minute I stepped off the plane in Rochester, there was one party after another. I stayed with my daughter, Jennifer "Sookie" and her husband, Russ. It was Russ' sister, Brenda's birthday, and what with all the rushing around for my son,Dans' wedding, Sookie was running around like the perverbial chicken with her head cut off, trying to get ready for her brother's wedding. Because of that, we came up with the idea of pretty cupcakes instead of trying to fuss with a cake and leftovers. We found these goofy long-legged candles, ordered pizza and sodas.

Brenda seemed to enjoy the whole thing as being fun and original. After she opened her gifts, she hugged us all.

My granddaughter, Cierra "CeCe" and her mother, Diana were there, too. After she got washed up from all the cake, she was ready to snuggle in for the night. So was I. I slept on Sookie's very comfy couch, with two 'purr-factories' sitting on top of me...gosh, it made me feel at home, like when I'm crowded by white curlie-haired Bichon, bed-pigs.
For some reason I'm having problems with this blog posting; it 'ate' a couple of pictures I had on here of CeCe with her messy cupcake, and of my grandson Robbie John; it refuses to let me put them back on. Guess ol' Blogger has gotten beligerant cuz I've neglected it lately.

Well, anyway, the next night was Dan and his fiance`, Jennifer's wedding rehearsal and dinner. Ladies from Scottsville's Full Gospel Church went all out preparing a feast. During the wedding rehearsal I asked Jennifer how many bridesmaids she had. She said "six". Dan was a happy, nervous wreck, so I asked him how many pall-bearers he had. The whole evening was a lot of fun, then Dan and Jen got up and addressed everyone, making a lovely speach of thanks and gratitude. I was so very proud of him. The next day promised to be very exciting for all of us. (And it was...stay tuned...if the Blogger will co-operate.)
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