The Daze of Our Lives

Right now I've got so much going on, I'm not sure I know 'witch' end is up. Cappy left me in charge of the contractors, and they were supposed to try to get here last week, but now are solidly planning on sometime in the ethereal future. Cappy wanted it all to be finished by the time he got home, on the 4th, but that is looking rather fuzzy right now. I'm not much better, myself, as I don't stick to my own schedules. I was supposed to have the painting finished quite awhile ago, not to mention other sundry projects, as well.
One thing I've pretty much got set in concrete tho, is that I'm planning on going to pick up Cappy's Jeep in a couple hours from now. His sister, Maria, is going to help me get it here. What a coincidence; they had been talking about getting their son, Ren, a Jeep, and the one I found is only a few blocks from where they live. Now they are on the hunt online for one.
I know this quick, but I'm off and running. I hope your day is going well; I know we all live in a rushed world, but try to snatch some crazy fun along the way; it makes the ride so much more tolerable. (But I know you already knew dat.)
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