Headed Thisaway Again

First of all, I guess I should apologize for that last blog post. An angry Pegody aint a purdy thing to behold. I guess the Katrina hurricane stirred up a lot of anger and resentment down here, and even my beautiful friends in the Gospel group are convinced that the white people in the government deliberately flooded New Orleans and caused such devastation, which is still spreading, day after day. Personally, I think it was part of that mind-think that also spawned the "Jena 6" incident. A lot of anger bubbling below the surface 'roun' here.
Now would you believe what appears to be a minor tropical depression, which may be headed in our direction has folks, not only in the city of New Orleans terrified, but right now, there appear to be plans being made to evacuate people who are living in the lower regions along the coast, primarily those living in Fema trailors. People who live in those Fema trailors are made of stronger stuff than I. For those of you living up north, you may not have seen Fema trailor "parks", where they are sitting side by side by side by side, ad infinitum, with very little space between them, and this is where they have lived for the last two years! And will continue to do so, until 'whose nose' when. Living in them is (supposed to be)temporary and continuously tenuous, at best. When they evacuate, they are not allowed to take them with them, but only their personal belongings. I just don't know how they do it, and, Lord help me, I never want to know.
One thing I suspect, tho, to help a lot of people cope, are medications. They are being doled out everywhere down here. It's been reported that depression is at an all-time high (?) in this area, so it makes sense to me. I think I've finally got the problem licked, but migosh, I've talked with several friends who have been prescribed these things and now, don't have the luxury of taking time off from work to go through the terrible withdrawls...and I do mean Terrible.

Wellll...it aint all bad news around Cappy and Pegody's world.
I just learned that Dan and his family are planning on flying down to spend Thanksgiving with us!! Yay!!!! Cappy is already excitedly refining his menu plans, while out there on the boat.
Dan and Jen are in the midst of buying their first house, and it sounds wonderful. It has six bedrooms and an 'in-law' apartment! He told us before he even started looking for one, that, that was one of the main things he was looking for. Awww, how nice was that. It's even got a 'see-ment pond'. (swimming pool) For those of you, like me, who watch the British comedy, "Keeping Up Appearances", I'd like to add that Dan and Jen's new place will even have "room for a pony".
More good news: the carpenters are headed back any day now to finish up the details. I just can hardly wait!
And Cappy, himself, will be headed home, L/W, on October 4th. It has been a very long hitch. As for me being 'da man' of da house...I'm draggin'. I ruined his surprise Christmas present...dang! I have been looking for this particular gift online, for months and months now. I finally found it, but thought I needed to take out a small loan to get it. Well, anyway, what with all the paper mumbo-jumbo, and the fact that he said go ahead and take it out of one of our other accounts....he found out. I was going to hide it, covered, either with family, or perhaps friends', but now that he knows, he's all excited and can't wait to get home and use it. He's also been growing his white Santa Claus beard again. Can't you just see Santa riding around in this??
I go bring 'er home Monday. I hope he likey.
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