I Am So Psst (and you Know I don't talk like that)

I know Cappy and I have told people that we don't preach or get on a soapbox here, but if I don't vent someplace, I'll just implode, I think.
So, that being said, heavily dragging out a soapbox, banging it on the floor, hard, a couple of times, not bothering to dust it off,I just climb on top, and test the microphone. "Testy...Testy...one, two, three....grrrrr...maybe I should continue my count all the way to ten, and just leave ya'll alone." (and yes, I meant 'testy' and not 'testing'. Alrighty then:

It wasn't bad enough that a couple of weeks ago, these two tall, dark and 'handsome' teenagers deliberately pretended they were going to crash into me with their car while I was walking through a parking lot; last week I was accosted by another tall, dark and handsome woman, as per my blog yesterday. Both left me shaken. Just now I went to get a few groceries at "Da Pig" (Piggly Wiggly), was moving my cart to put the groceries in, a few feet from these two women, who were just coming into the store. I was watching what I was doing, and being careful, but the one nearest me made a big production of stopping and gave me a look, which I read as, "Oh ah know you aint gone bump inta me wid dat cart...". I wanted her to know I try to be sensitive to other people's feelings, so I said to her and the other woman who was with her counting out her food stamps, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you". She just looked down her nose, curled her lip and gave me another look, which read, "Oh, you...you aint nothin' ", then to emphasize her point, she gave me the 'finger', kept it in place, as she turned and lifted it even higher in the air as she waved it, and slowly waddled away, with what appeared to be two overly-inflated beach balls taking turns rolling up and down in the pants she had stretched over them. (Well, admittedly, I've got a big butt, too, so I don't have an whole lot of room to ridicule on that level, but right about then I was so angry I felt like crying.) When they had taken about ten steps down the aisle, they turned, laughing and looked back at me, still standing there shocked, which made them laugh all the harder and nudge each other saying something witty, I'm sure.
The nerve to treat anyone like that! I mean, where are people these days getting the nerve to act like that? I don't care what her attitude was; I am somebody, too, somebody whose husband has been out on a tugboat for ten weeks paying at least $2,000. in taxes for the food stamps she was about to use to reload her 'beach balls',... and that's the gratitude.
And...that's all I'd better say for now, lest I get myself into any more trouble. I do have to live around here. (Lemme put my soapbox away now.)
Note to self: Add another name to List of Characters in last week's blog post. "LaTanque Somebody or Other"

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