On Top of Everything Else

With only a few more days til our Cappy comes home, things seem to be quickly piling up; my to do (to finish) list has been extending itself exponentially. Yesterday a couple of Mr. Dale Ruelet's workers (Mr. Chris and his son, Mr. Clint) came by and installed a couple of lights, finished up the ceiling tilework, etc. and hooked up the new HD television in the bedroom. That helped a lot. I still(!!!)have painting left to do in there, Mr. Tim, the "floor dude", as Cappy calls him, needs to be called so he can lay tile in there, then, that room should, pretty much, be finished. Ahhhhhh. (Pictures will follow.)
Before all that, as I said, I'm going to be busy trying to 'tie up' a lot of loose ends. Cappy, just now on the phone, said he can already hear, in my voice, a lot of tension. (I'm also losing sleep worrying about my daughter, Sookie, who has lost so much sleep that I'm very concerned about her health.) All that being said, to let you know, posting will be somewhat sparse in the coming days. Cappy said to let Ya'll know we are going to be putting a 'do not disturb' sign on da door, and that blogging will still be limited, due to our rushing off to Houston next weekend to visit family and attend the Renaissance Festival.
Some of the other things we'd love to do on Cappy's time off from work, is to finally meet Trishy and Doug, who recently, temporarily moved to New Orleans, because of Doug's job. Cappy talked with them last night, and they were whooping it up in The French Quarter. Crime Shmime...ya just can't keep a good "ol' " gal like Trishy down; from talking with her online and over the phone, we know she is one fun, fiesty lady, and we can hardly contain ourselves with anticipation of meeting the both of them.
Well,... as my Mom used to say, "Here I sit, in silent bliss"....(you don't wanna know the rest of that one), instead of rushing around, I'm sitting here. Oh alright, alright, I just heard it ringing again...it's my 'to do' list calling. And Raleigh, you aint helpin'.

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