Something Different

Here in Cappy and Pegody's World,as in your part of the universe, we all have to deal with people, and more than likely, don't know all their names. We feel they should have names, and so, gave them some. It saves time relating the story, and all without the pressure of having to ask the individual who they are, and then having the stress of trying to remember their names. For our own mischevious pleasure we do this, knowing we may be teetering on the brink of political incorrectness, by "labeling" or "stereo-typing". Well, you know what? We are so tired of groups of people having chips on their touchy little shoulders, that right now, we just don't care and will proceed blithely on down Cappy and Pegody Blvd. until we get pulled over by someone in a PC police car with lights flashing and sirens screaming.
Uncharacteristic of us? I guess so, but we don't intend to intentially hurt anyone's feelings, apologize in advance if we do, but most of all...oh, and I want you to know, if we know your name, we won't paste one of these 'label names' on you, at your expense. We are doing this for fun, and eventually, we hope, you'll get the 'hang' of our game.
Let me give you an example:
While reading the short story, fill in the blank yourself, with a name from the list above.
Last year I took the truck to the repair shop, and tried explaining what was wrong, but Mr._________ kept joking around, not taking me seriously and seemed rather clumsy for a mechanic. His older fellow mechanic,_________, who reeked of oil and gas, stayed hunched over an engine, mumbling and complaining; griping the whole time I was there. Yeah, somebody we want to do business with on a regular basis. (answer: Abbott Costello and Archie Fume)
Well, you get the picture. Mostly, we'll just write along and put the names in ourselves. For instance:
Yesterday when I walked into church, Persus Sneeeer looked down her nose and coldly said, "Hello, PE-ggy". Brrrr, don't even bother saying anything, if you feel that way about me.
I vaguely know her first name, but not her last, so to me, she is Persus Sneeeer. I'm not sure how many e's in her name she may have reserved for Cappy; maybe more, maybe less. We'll have to wait on that one for awhile.
Now, just tell me you don't know this Persus Sneeeer or her relative. These people, they're everywhere, they're EV'rywhere.
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