Saturday's Update on Brad (March 1)

Although I hadn't gotten to Thibodaux in the last two days, I talked with Ms. Sonia, his aunt tonight, who told me that, "Brad is still in his coma, but he's moving around more". Please continue your prayers; they are much needed and appreciated.
I went to visit Brad and his family this afternoon. I learned that they put a feeding tube in his side, and Monday they plan on doing a tracheotomy, to help his breathing. Steve, his Dad said that right now, Brad is doing a lot of work, just trying to breath...it's like constantly trying to breath through a straw; so that should help. Although he's still in a "very deep coma", as his Dad says, he moves around some. When I went in to pray with him this evening, I noticed he seemed to move more when we talked about miracles; almost as if it was his way of agreeing with us, his mother and I. I may be reading too much into it, but that's what I took away from the experience.
His Dad has not left the hospital; has not been home, but has diligently stayed by his son's side since the accident on Feb. 21. Tonight he plans on coming home to sleep, but only because he knows that his sister-in-law and our neighbor, Maggie, will be sitting bedside with Brad. The only reason his mother has had to leave, was because she has to maintain some kind of normalcy for Brad's younger brothers, but every minute she can, she's right there at the hospital, as well. These are people of the finest calibre you'd ever find. They really need prayers, as well as for their son. Any prayers you could send Heavenward would greatly be appreciated.

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