Gone Fishin'

Yesterday we spent most of the day searching for shiners to use for bait. It was a typical day in the goofy adventures that Peg and I often have. Early in the morning,(early for us) we loaded up da dawgs for da ride and ventured up da road for the half hr. ride to the bait stand. When we got there we discovered the place was under new (foreign) management, and no longer sold bait. We laughed it off, swore we would never darken their baitless door again and headed west toward our next favorite bait stand. We got there and I jumped out, headed for the counter, ordered our shiners reached for my wallet and guess what?? Ya already know the answer right?? My wallet wasn't there. Thank God for a sweet wife like Peggy, 'stead of griping all the way back home, we laughed and sang along with Skynard on the radio. The only ones slightly put out were the dawgs, who had been told they were goin fishin', and whimpered when we got back home.
Well, there was my wallet right where I thought it would be. It was lying on the floor, right next to the toilet, where it had escaped the back pocket of my overalls when I sat there perusing this month's edition of " Southern Living" magazine.
Meanwhile, the doggies stretched their legs, (which didn't take long on short little legs) we got our bearings and mustered up courage again. We took a deep breath, smiled at each other and set sail again in search of the darned elusive shiners. Straight back to the second place where I had first discovered that I had left my wallet at home. We drove up and I strolled in confidently, wallet in hand only to discover............... guess again............bet ya got it.......they were out of bait. What could I do?? admit defeat?? Give up?? NO! We put in another CD and headed further down the road to a lil swamp town that 'lives' on bait.
Finally, bait in hand we drove 45 minutes back home, hooked up da boat, drove 10 minutes down the road and got in the water. It was 4:30 pm. Well, das the way it goes sometimes. We laughed about it and all was right in the world, when after fishin' for less than 5 minutes Peg caught a "giant catfish" (least das what she called it). I caught 3 sac au laits but, unfortunately, the first 2 added together wouldn't have made a keeper. We only stayed out about an hour, vowing to come back the next day early and spend the day.
As you can see, we didn't catch quite enough to make a meal, so we are off again with our very expensive bait. When ya figure gas cost into the equation, those minnows cost us like 1.50$ a piece. As far as the fish they bring in, we'll savor every bite.
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