Between Barack and the Hard Place.

Politics; ya gotta love 'em. Well, I guess ya don't, but a lot of the things are downright laughable. Too bad it's just our country and the well-being of the world at stake, eh? I know Cappy and I said we wouldn't offer religious or political ranting, "if'n we could help it". I guess it's just that I needed a little levity lately, and given the fact that I 'cut my baby teeth' watching political television programs with my Dad, so much so, that it's just a part of what interests me as a person. But, I try not to get nasty about it. And, there is plenty to laugh about. I'm not really a "Party" girl..I just vote for whomever I think holds the promise of doing the best job, and I have crossed political lines while in the voting booth. As per the global politics; I'm more mystified than anything. The saying, "Something stinks in Denmark" also applies in yesterday's political elections in Russia, methinks. Down here in the South, there's a word for flatulance...it's Putin...oops...I mispelled that...the word is "Pootin' ". If it's in the air, most likely it's around someplace. 'Where there's smoke, there's fire'. But I digress; there's enough 'smoke' in our own backyard to complain about. Or laugh about.

I'm so very sad to say that my favorite political journalist and commentator, William F. Buckley passed this last week. I loved his silver-tongued, erudite speech and even his mannerisms. Someone once introduced him to an audience, by saying, "William F. Buckley, the only man I know who uses the word 'syllepsis' in a sentence, while calling his dog". I absolutely immersed myself in the spirit of the game, while watching and listening to him debate, in the same way football fanatics root for their team, yelling and cheering. In the quiet of my living room, I might even jump up and 'high-five' whoever was watching with me. (Ya'll didn't know I was this strange did you?...just wait.)
One time, while watching a two-hour long debate, where he sparred with a panel of staunch feminists, I noticed that a lot of them were very angry, especially when 'pinned to the corner of the ring' by Mr. Buckley's wit, mixed with his suscinct and unflappable grasp of historical events, which served as evidence of his conjecture or opinion. Oh it was great stuff! I also noted, while watching, that these angry ladies' eyebrows were fixed in dark inverted "V"s. One over each eye. (Leave it to the artist in me to notice something like that.)After a potty break, I returned and sat down, unnoticed, and began watching the verbal dispute still going on. We were all enjoying the sparring, and nodding at each other, or yelling "alright!!" About fifteen minutes later, while in the middle of a cheer, somebody stopped mid-congratulations, and said, "Whaaaa?! What did you do to your eyebrows??" I wondered how long it would take for anybody to notice that I had painted myself some black, mean-looking eyebrows in the shape of upside down 'V's. (I just love playing practical jokes, by the way.)
Well, some doofuses, paint their faces right out in public for ballgames. I chose to do it in the privacy of my own living room, where no-one would ever know. And some people run for public office, where all their dirty laundry and blunders are put right out there for all of us to laugh at. But, seriously, folks.
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