A Resurrection Day Prayer

I wasn't going to post this, again (with an added prayer for Our Bradley), but Cappy insisted, so apologies to those who had read this in past years. Last night as I was asleep, I was half awakened when Cappy played the messages on the answering machine. This morning I think I remember hearing something that one of Brad's aunts said about the shunt, which was put in his brain stem being successful, and that the doctors expected him to wake up sometime around three o'clock. It was late when we had gotten home from Cappy's sister's house, where we had gone to dye eggs with the family, so it was too late to call and learn the latest news. As I'm writing, just now, Cappy is still asleep, and it's too early to call anyone to find out...my goodness, that sounds so very hopeful! Be sure, we will let you know; and thank you for all your prayers and support.
The re-posted Blog:

When I was in lonely pain awhile ago, I wrote this to The Lord:

We think of this time...when your badly bruised body was taken down from the rough cross, and you were placed in isolation inside the dark tomb. The jeering crowds were gone, the sound of whips and tormenting howls were silent. In the darkness was no sound of breathing. As when you were born bloodied, you were planted, once again bloodied...a Naked Seed planted in the earth.
I reflect on times of having to give You, Lord, those that I love, and trust in Your Wisdom, as they, too, were placed back in the soil from whence they came. When all the fervent prayers seemed to go unanswered, when all the medical equipment and staff had stopped, after the mourners had gone home and I, too, my retching sobs, now quiet, had to leave them; my son, parents, grandparents and friends, each alone in their cold silent tombs.
I think of a particular seed that I like to plant each year. Before I can plant it, I have to take a sharp knife and score the skin of it, cutting into it's flesh. For all intents and purposes, it appears dead, a useless off-cast of some thing, not resembling anything of consequence, really. But because of something akin to faith, I plant it, hoping for something more glorious.
Dear Lord, we know not much about the mysteries that take place in the deep silent places. We know that God's Hand is working at those times. Babies are born after growing in the silent places. Morning Glories arise up out of the soil after spending time in the silent places. You, Lord, rose up Victorious from Death; and from knowing that, which breeds Faith in the deep silent places in our hearts, we trust in You, that not only will our loved ones be changed and raised more beautiful than ever, so shall we.

Resurrection Day, March 23, 2008. Lord, we pray that during this Season of rebirth and renewal, that during this time of our Bradley's life; in this, his season of deep silence, that You, in your Glorious Wisdom, would blend Your Healing with Bradley's body, and that, "that same Spirit which raised Christ from the dead"...heal his body and mind; commune with him while he's with You, there in the depths, and then let him awake, refreshed, so that he can once again begin to savour all the days of this life that You have given him.
We also pray that faith would arise, in those, who call upon You, in this season of rebirth, that their prayers, too, would be answered, for Your Praise and Glory.
In The Name of Jesus,
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