A 'Pirate' Looks at "A Pirate Looks at Fifty"

This book is the only thing Cappy requested for his 50th birthday. He said for me to not make a big fuss, not to get him a bunch of stuff; but since he really likes Jimmy Buffett's songs and books, this is all he wanted. (He has just about every album the guy ever made.) I finally got to hand it to him tonight about an hour ago.
This afternoon, after running a few errands, I took some flowers, a birthday card and some pink cookies to the hospital for Monica, Brad's mother, where I knew I'd find her, although I was a day late for her birthday. (late, me, as usual.)Ms. Sonia, Monica's sister, also my neighbor, who tools around the streets with fast-paced music going on in her headset, and keeping in shape, looking like a teenager, said, when she saw the pink frosted cookies, "Oooooh, you bettah come over here so we can slap your hands for bringin' those!" LOL...I just love these gals! I "thought up a lie and thought it up quick", to borrow a line from the Grinch. "Uh....I ...uh brought those for the boys...the kids...uh...even if they are pink", and rolled my eyes innocently. It was just another Wednesday afternoon, but, as usual, the ICU waiting room area, where Brad's family has been encamped since Feb. 21, was packed with well-wishers. To me, this is amazing. Cappy says, "Welcome to South Louisiana...this is how it is with family down here". My heart was melted, when one of the boys, Brad's brother, who heretofore, only had a nodding relationship with me, came and sat down next to me, leaned over and put his head on my shoulder. Personally, I think this family is exceptional, (except, of course, for Cappy's family), so no wonder everyone loves them, and cares enough to travel to Thibodaux to wait with them.
I got to go in to visit with Brad, who, though is still in a deep coma, seems to be slowly crawling his way back to consciousness. He is able to cough and swallow. Physical therapists are working with him to keep his body excercised, so that his muscles don't begin to atrophy. His muscle tone is still 'buff', as he was also a football player, and I'm not sure of all athletics with which he was involved, but he does look big and strong, as always. His Dad, Steve, I think I overheard, gave him a haircut, to even out where they had shaved his head for the temporary brain monitor. Gee whiz, even in a coma, the boy is so very handsome. He has the sweetest girlfriend, Leah, who is always present, and there are always several of their friends milling around for support, as well. Leah and Brad are both medical students, who go to Nicholl's State University.

After visiting the hospital, and a little shopping for Cappy's snacks and a few 'ditty bag' supplies, I drove out to meet his boat, but, as is the way of life on the water, as I've said before, things change. I had to wait a few hours, cooling my jets, until he actually pulled up to the dock. We got to visit for about twenty minutes, then I headed for home. He 'kept me company' on the phone, to make sure I got home safely. As soon as I got in the door, he said, " ...(yawn)...well, I'm tired; I guess I'll go take a nap". I had noticed that during my drive, he had seemed rather distracted, so I chalked it up to his being sleepy, until he added, "I've been kinda lookin' at my Jimmy Buffett book, here, so I guess I'll read a little more before I turn off the light".
One of Cappy's favorite songs of Jimmy Buffett's is this:
A Pirate Looks At Forty
"Mother, mother ocean, I have heard you call,
Wanted to sail upon your waters since I was three feet tall.
You've seen it all,
You've seen it all.
Watched the men who rode you,Switch from sails to steam.
And in your belly you hold the treasure that few have ever seen,
Most of them dreams,
Most of them dreams.
Yes, I am a pirate two hundred years too late.
The cannons don't thunder, there's nothin' to plunder
I'm an over forty victim of fate
Arriving too late, arriving too late...."
Cappy says, "Ya change the word, 'ocean' to 'bayou' and ya see why we kindred spirits". You can take these romantic swashbuckling rogues off da water, but ya not gonna take da water outa dese romantic swashbuckling rogues. Gotta love 'em!

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