Another Good Hitch on da Boat

The first morning back on the boat dawned clear and bright, clear and peaceful, and kinda set the stage for a good boat ride. As soon as we shoved out of the little bayou into the open lake, the ever-present seagulls gathered in our wheelwash feasting on shrimps and lil fishies we churn up in our wheel-wash.
It's been several months since this year's Storms hit the Gulf Coast, and all bridges are back in working order. You can see from the blue tarp on the bridgehouse, they fixed stuff priority first. This bridge tender was complaining of the drafty control house, what with it being winter and all. I think it was like 59 that morning BRRRRRRRR.

The highlight of the whole month for me was when I happened across this flock of spoonbill rosettes just south of Dulac. I knocked da engines outa gear and took their picture.

I was feeling mischevious, so I tooted the horn and they took wing.

I was amazed to see how many of them there were as they filled the sky with their beautiful pinkness.

They flew up, circled around and came back to land where they were, at their original roost.

I was thrilled to have seen this wonderful display of nature's beauty, and I truly hope you enjoy the pictures I was able to take,of the amazing spectacle of their short flight.

As the sun set on this month-long boat ride, I had to pause and thank God for the opportunity to live and work in such a beautiful place as our bayou home.
Don't forget, you can click on any of these pictures and they will enlarge for you.
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