My Choice for Resident of the United States of America

Good old salt of the earth, Cappy. When he was off the boat the last time we were run, fun, running around. Because he wouldn't be home today to be able to go vote, we voted on October 21, so we got that done. Now, we just wait, with everyone else, on pins and needles, to see who will take over the country.
One of the things Cappy wanted to make sure we accomplished before he went back out on the boat, was to plant our little square foot garden. As you can see, we did it once again, "planted the back 48"...(square feet). As usual, we had help, in the form of two white curlie Bichons. SparkyBear is always Cappy's right hand 'little man', supervising, having his nose in everything we are doing.

We planted green onions, carrots, snow peas,beets, radishes and a bed of salad greens. MarkyBear told SparkyBear, "Tell him to plant asparagus".

I guess this Blog posting will be a little rushed, as I'm kind of distracted. I've got a lot going on, in that I have to have this year's Christmas cards completed in the next few weeks, ready to mail before we leave for western NY on the 27th. I'm also in the throes of our kitchen redesign and entails working with the coordination of carpenters, plumbers, cabinet builders, electricians, and salesmen for the new stuff. Thennnnn, there's still the matter of trying to FINALLY complete the shopping and wrapping gifts for Christmas to take north...it's taken me longer than I had anticipated. Then, the usual; same as with you, the "heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to". Stuff that happens.
Soooo, this individual resident of the United States of America, who dutifully cast her 1 (ONE) and only vote, will, with one eye on the news, get back to what she was a doin'.
(Oh, and guess who showed up at my door the other night? A John Wayne impersonator, wearing what I should be wearing when I deal with all these guys whom I'm trying to deal with about the house,...and his little sidekick. When the doorbell rang, the dogs exploded, barking the paint off the door, especially because they saw this shiney, evil little face smack up against the door window, leering in at them. The dogs thought it was downright WRONG and it took every bit of my strength to keep them from getting outa the crack in the door and taking a bite outa 'crime', while I tried to hand these perpetrators their candy.)
One last thing, fellow voters...think about this from both sides...I've said it before and I'm going to repeat it here: Once the country goes Barack, it can never go back. (I'm not on a soapbox...I'm on a tightrope) I'll try to lighten up tomorrow...EITHER way: The sun will come out TO-MORROWWWWW, Betcher Bottom Dollar That To-morrowwwwwww, there'll be SUNNNNNNNNNNN <:-/
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