Name that Tune

I'm still rushing around, trying to get ready for the Christmas rush, so that by the time it actually begins, I won't have to (be rushed). It's so nice outside, that I've got all the windows flung open, and am enjoying the warm breeze. While I was hanging out laundry, I was tempted to run in a get my video camera to get some shots of the sugar cane fields burning. It is still shocking to see, when it's unexpected...like the world is on fire, with the giagantic sky-high plumes of white silk smoke. I'm glad the wind is blowing in the other direction today, because even though I love the smell of it, lately, my eyes have watered so much from the density of the smoke that my eyes are beet red-rimmed. The smell of sugar cane burning has now created the Holiday feeling in the air. It's always around Thanksgiving that the farmers begin to burn their fields in earnest. (Burning the fields is part of the sugar cane harvesting process.)
Soooo, because of that wonderful feeling, and the job of wrapping presents, having wrapped presents stacked everywhere, my having put the Christmas ornaments near the opening in the attic in hopes of Cappy Claus, who soon will be here, getting them down, I've turned on the HOLLY channel on, on Directv, to listen to Christmas music while I do what I gotta do.
Sure enough, while I was in the middle of warm thoughts and happy feelings, the one song I dislike had to come on and ruin the mood. It's just me...I know it. Everybody else probably loves the song. I'm not even going to give you the name of the tune, but will let you read my stoooopid interpretation of it. You can guess on your own.
And here goes:
Well, here it is Christmas
And my question is big:
Just what earthly good (are you)
You big selfish pig?

Well, here it is Christmas
And I hope you are proud (of yourself, my 'friend')
(If you think I'm going to let you just relax and) Enjoy the Season,
Well, just think again!

(Your) Joy is over, just forget it
(Your) Joy is over, I won't let it

(Yeah, you just go ahead and have a) "MERRY" Christmas
Just think of yourself,
I hope you choke on your turkey,
(don't think of the millions of starving people all over the world)
Hold onto your wealth.

Well, here it is Christmas
We should all get along
But I'm here to remind you,
With the words of my song:

There's a sore (and raw) division
Between other people and you.
(So) I'm pouring salt in the fresh wound.
"Happy" Holiday, too.

(Your) Joy is over, just forget it.
(Your) Joy is over, I won't let it.

Well, here it is Christmas,
MY work here is done,
(I've made myself) the know-all and be-all
(I ask all the questions) and I answer none.

(Yeah, now you just TRY to) have a Merry Christmas
(And while you're in the middle of) Holiday Cheer,
I hope my song (comes on the radio)
And my words make it clear:

Tho' the melody's pretty
Just to catch your fat ear,
So I can (sweetly) TELL you
(You'd better stop enjoying yourself and go do something
I think is politically correct) Do you hear??

(Your) Joy is over, just forget it
(Your) Joy is over, I won't let it. (repeat ad nauseum)

Oh for Pete's sake. I know that probably wasn't the intention of the makers of this song, but it's how I always take it, and these are the words I nastily sing to it, as it's playing. Sheesh. Oh well, back to my light-hearted happeee-happeeee stuffs I was doing before I came in here, typed this all in and made a 'foo' outa myself again. <:"->
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