Not a Lazy Susan!

Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house, the dogs are not stirring; they're flopped on the couch. They went to the doggie groomer and spent the afternoon. I'm not sure how the groomer is feeling tonight, but these guys are whooped. I still have a lot to get done and am trying to tie up loose ends. Cappy is supposed to get off the boat tomorrow, but there may or may not be some kind of snafu again. One of the guys, who is supposed to be getting back on the boat to take Cappy's place has a badly injured leg. He hurt it last week, "standing wrong, while working da winch". It's always dangerous out there. One time Cappy was walking across a slippery gangplank, fell and broke his nose. You just never know. And that being said, we just don't know for sure when he will get off the boat.
As I said, I have a lot of things I want to finish up, tho. One of them is to post some photos of when Cappy was off the boat the last time, I believe. (Gosh, he's out there for so long, I sometimes forget what happened when.) We had a lovely time in New Orleans with our new friend Susan, otherwise known to us and our town forum buddies, as Swag. She's a lively ball of happy energy. First she brightened our home with her beautiful smile, then we drove on over to New Orleans and perused the shops. It was sad to see that a lot of people, in general, are still missing. Here they had a buffet all set up, but hardly anyone was around to partake. We kept walking. Even the band that they had set up was playing for practically no-one. Cappy said a lot of the bands just play for tips. We wandered on up to the French Market. I'm telling you, it's just not the same, and I don't know how many more years it will be until New Orleans will ever be her old self again. Disappointed, we went across the street to Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Restaurant and had a great lunch. It wasn't crowded, but the atmosphere is still sooooo nice. We went around to the store and did a little shopping. Cappy picked me up a coral colored 'purse' thingy that stated, "I'm the woman to blame". (Ya know which song that's from???) Then we wandered around the streets and haunted a few antique book stores. It was great. You know what? Now that we've introduced Susan, this ball of energy, to you, we have another story to tell about her, which illustrates what a fun, giving nature she has. But for now, since time is pressed, we'll leave that to another time, probably when Cappy is back out on the boat when I can write it out at my leisure. She's definitly a great gal, tho, and we hated so see her head back to Texas, where she lives.
Dan called the other day to see if we would be traveling up there 'this hitch off the boat', and we told him that as far as we knew, we would be, but that due to Cappy's redoing his Coast Guard info, not to mention the injured crew, we have to wait until next week to try traveling. I took the SUV and got it serviced, oil change, tires checked, "the whole lah-lah" to make sure she was travel worthy. Dan said they've got a lot of snow already. He also said that he and the family were just getting over the flu. Oh NO! He said it was worse for him, tho', because the last thing he had eaten before it all hit the fan, was a Taco Bell Volcano. It was the last thing to go in. He said the bulk of it wasn't that much going in, but it multiplied exponentially, grinding away on his innards, until...until.... he said he was a living volcano alright. He was spewing HOT lava from every orifice of his body. It was shooting up and out, down and out, and he said it was so stinging and hot, that he was afraid that like on one of those Hawaiian mountains, a fissure was going to open somewhere and he'd start shooting molton lava sideways. I'm glad he's, and the family's all better now, but I told him they'd better make sure all those flu bugs have left the premises before we get there.
I finally got all the Christmas cards finished and even mailed, for the most part. I'm thrilled that a few people have written for them, so will be mailing them out also. It's not too late. You can write us at pegody@yahoo.com, or at the cappy(underscore)and(underscore)pegody@yahoo.com address. Not to worry, we won't come tracking you down at your house; we've got wayyyyyyy too many other things to do, and if you know us, you know we aint PREverts.
One of the main "other things", is to finish up the kitchen remodel drawings. I'm telling you, this just can't come too soon. Right now the kitchen is in such a disarray. We need more storage space. And I'll say it right now, whoever designed those corner lazy susan storage areas,...well, I'd like to get my hands on ya. The way this one is designed, there's no wall between it and the pots and pan shelves, so that too many times, a pot or pan will grab something off the spinning lazy susan shelf and wedge it way in the back or jam the whole thing. This time, the lazy susan....a pretty engergetic contraption, for having 'lazy' as a moniker, grabbed a potato from the other side, where cans and onions and potatoes are sitting on their shelf minding their own business. Well, o'l susan, grabbed said potato and hid it wayyyyy in the corner, laughing to herself, I'll wager. I couldn't for the life of me begin to wonder what in the HAYO the horrible smell was, and where it was coming from. I mean I looked everywhere in there. Finally, in desperation, I got a flashlight, got down on my hands and knees, (with 'laughing' dogs in my face and in the way, wondering what we were up to now), and tried climbing in amongst the twisty turny lazy susan shelves, and aha! found not only a rotting potato, but an onion she had swiped, as well. It gag-eth me to think about at this point. But, like Mommie Dearest in the movie, with a hideously grotesque face, as I draw the cabinet plans, I vow, "No.more.Lazy.Susans!!!!!"
And speaking of Mommie Dearest, a Mr. Jerry from our town forum found this link, which I just loved, so am posting it for my kids. (and you, of course)
So now, friends and fambly, if you don't hear from me tomorrow, have a most WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. And know...we are grateful for You! :-)
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