Cappy Has LEFT Da Building

He has put down his hammer, he has put down his saw,(he left his drill 'draggin', as he calls things that are not put put away, so I stowed that away this morning)...the saw-horses are in their stable, and he is off again to seek his fortune on the high seas. (More likely the high or low tides of the bayous , lakes, rivers and back waters, but it is still the wild blue... green, and a million other colors... yonder.)
Ever since he first stepped off the boat, hugged me, hugged his dawgs, the first thing he did was grab his tools and start building things. Dan and Jennifer had bought him an outdoor fireplace when they were here, so he put that together right away. He did so much building this past two weeks. We literally made 6 trips to home improvement stores. Back and forth. Yesterday we planted stuff in the flowerpots and called the grape arbor a completed project.

I think he did a wonderful job. I can just imagine when the elephant ears and grape vines take over,sitting in there reading a nice book, or just chillin'. The chairs are very comfy and they rock. He picked up the nice piece of driftwood standing up near the entry-way, when we rode down the levee along the Mississippi River on one of our forays, looking for a good place to catfish. Unfortunately, the water is too low, right now. He said we need to wait for the snowmelt up north. Oh, it's still plenty deep; the ships have no trouble goin' up or down her, but along the 'shore', the sand has washed away leaving no place to really get settled in with all the stuff Cappy likes to bring along to make for a really fun day of it.
We've been dieting, and thus, Cappy had been building up his appetite for a cold beer, so Tuesday night, his last night to relax, he really let it go. (an, that's ALL I'm gonna say :- )
So, he's 'done finished' with all the building he's going to be doing at home here for another month, and is safely ensconced back on da boat. He's left the building now for me to do. We have a bunch of patio plant stands coming in by 'OOPS' (UPS) that need to be assembled. Well, see, up north, I used to find 'junque' along the road, fix it up and use it for plant stands, or whatever. Cappy told me that doesn't work down here in South Louisiana with all the humidity. He's absolutely right. I picked up a couple of nice desks, put them on the patio with plants on them. They looked good for about two month. Now they are literally falling into little hunks of moldy wood. I'll try to put the new metal ones together, but something tells me when he steps back off da boat, Cappy will be back in the building mode again.
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