OH MAN! I'm Tellin' Ya!

I don't like what's goin' on around here! My Dad just left yesterday to go away on dat big boat, and today there's three strange men walking around in our house! They put lots of stinky boxes on the floor and said they'd be back tomorrow. Our Mom said SparkyBear and I couldn't even sniff these guys' you-know-where or jump up on 'em to check em out. And we're supposed to stand for that? What kind of ADT (A Dog Team) dawg home protection system does she think Sparky and I are running here? It's our job and pleasure to intimidate or harass whoever we think are suspicious characters. An' lemme tell ya, things are looking pretty suspicious, too. We weren't even finished following dere truck outa the driveway, when our Mom starting pawing through one of the boxes, took some square flat things out of it, and put them down on the floor and said, "Yes! That's going to look sooooo nice when those flooring guys are finished with it tomorrow!" You wait til my Dad calls; I'm gonna get that phone! ...an' I'm gonna TELL him too!
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