We've Got Spring Fervor

Yep, and didn't you hear it here first? In Spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of Luh....lumber. The minute Cappy got off "da boat", we headed for Home Despot and loaded "da truck". This project is actually a winding-down project, having gotten most of the main jobs taken care of, like planting the garden, fertilizing our citrus, pecan trees and other sundry bushes we had planted around our yard, not to mention the other rush jobs around the house we had to get accomplished in the short two weeks he has off.
Cappy and his buddy put up this little picket fence on the front of the grape arbor in short order, then off, once again to you-know-where to buy some chairs and a little table to put in it. (We can only fit so many tons in our 'truck' on each trip.)

He finished this project with visions of getting off the boat next month and being able to sit under the arbor, being shaded by grape leaves and banana palms, sipping on a cold one.
I'm still planning on what plants to put in pots to go in front of this, and hanging plants, as well. It's already got a working hummingbird feeder hanging from it that I managed to dump all over while trying to help da captain, then decided to 'man dis camera' instead.
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