Where In The DELL Have I Been Lately??

Oh Migosh, there's no place like HOMEpage, there's no place like HOMEpage. I thought I'd never make it back online before Cappy got home next month for sure. No matter how many times I clicked my heels together, or clicked away at anything on the computer, which was frozen, or clucked at the stupidity of the situation, or threatened to chuck the whole computer out a real Window, I didn't get anywhere with it. I've heard Cappy talking on the phone with the technicians...'geeks', all the while laughing and having a merry time while they spent hours tracking down the problem that had been plaguing the computer at that particular time. Well, I didn't wanna do it. I have so many other things I need/want to get accomplished before the hot weather gets here. We did get the flooring done, which looks great, by the way, which I will discuss tomorrow.
But for me, the last week was frustrating. Until the computer acted this badly when I was by myself, and I tried ignoring the beast, I never realized how much of an appliance...a 'utility' it is. Cappy and I really use it a lot. I've been his 'weather-girl' for the last few years. Yesterday, because I didn't have immediate online access, he ventured out into the middle of a huge bay which turned rather violent. He's ok now, but because of all that, I steeled myself and called DELL. The guy, whom I am sure has plenty of prematurely white hair after yesterday and today, was quite pleasant and plenty patient. He is located in India, but surprisingly enough, I could understand him, for the most part, quite well. He had me ducking down into tunnels and mazes, clicking the F8 button dozens of times, banging around in there, clunking around, messing up, having to come all the way back out, turning off the computer and going back in again to try again. My hands and knees were dirty and ragged, I had cobwebs in my hair, (gosh, figuratively speaking, of course). I felt like the rat, which the mad scientist was trying to get to succeed, for the benefit of all. I kept turning around and fumbling around in the dark, in those hallways, trying to keep up with what he was telling me to do...all I wanted was that 'Cheese' located somewhere in that maze. I knew it had to be there somewhere. It seemed we would get to the point where I was sure I was about to touch it, but then, ...dang...the computer screen and mouse was still FROZEN! And out I'd come again. Grrrr.
Well, we let it go for the night, then today, despite his many misgivings, I'm sure, the same technician called back. Just as I was sitting down, I wanted to get comfortable, cuz I knew this was going to take some time...I wanted to bounce way back into the computer chair, but when I launched myself up and forward to accomplish this, I jammed the top of my head Hard into the sharp edge of the storage cupboard, which is above the monitor. I had been waiting for his phone call, but wailed, "HOLD ON!!!" and ran to the kitchen and got a bag of frozen peas out of the freezer and held them on top of my head to keep the big bruise from swelling. Our house phone's headset isn't working, so I had to hold it to my ear. I needed my other hand to move the mouse around and use the keyboard, so I had to sit in such a way as to keep the balanced, opened bag of frozen peas from falling off my head. If the webcam hadda been working, I woulda got the picture for Ya'll. So now...back to the story...this time he had me go in, but, as he said, by now, that I was getting to know my way around in there...getting kinda familiar with where I had been all those many times. I think the trails were still wet from blood, sweat and tears.....his mostly, despite the fact that he laughed a lot and tried to hide it from me. After perhaps another hour and a half...maybe two, I could hardly believe that things were loosening up! Then, suddenly it was working! Completely fixed. If I hadn't have been balancing a bag of soggy defrosted peas on my head, I would have jumped up and down in the chair. Yee-Haw! It's back online again! My mouse is loose,... thawed also, not frozen anymore. The computer 'tech' is my hero of the day. He helped me get the prized 'Cheese', because the danged computer had created a 'Muenster'. (sorry 'bout dat :-p )
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