We Were Just Floored!!

It's very comforting to know that there are still craftsmen in the world, who take pride in their work.
As MarkyBear complained in an earlier blog post, the flooring supplies got here the night before the actual work was to take place. At precisely 7 a.m. Mr. Tim Knight arrived to begin installing the new tile. Gosh, we had thought he was going to have other workers help him, but he got here and began immediately to do the job completely by himself. He had a lot to do...the 'den', the kitchen, the hall and the computer/guest room. He did it all in two days!! By himself! That included putting down some kind of stuff to seal and patch things, letting it dry, moving furniture around,
...enduring interruptions by dawgs, who wanted to 'help', and at one point, got back into the house when I had them outside, but heard the phone ringing and ran in to answer it. Sure enough, SparkyBear aka The Brat, ran in, got into the fresh 'mud' or floor spackle, whatever it's called, ran wild in here and tracked it around before he could be scolded and shooed back outside, by me. But all the while Mr. Tim, somehow kept smiling and working along steadily. I would have felt like tearing my hair out, grabbing da dawg, chunking him into the pail of mud, and throwing it at the dogs' Mom. See...that's why I didn't opt to do the flooring myself while Cappy was on the boat. We needed Professional help.
As I said, he was finished the next day, while I was out, having taken the dawgs for a ride to get them away from any more potential crimes against the efforts of our patient floor installer. When we came back, he was gone, but before he left, he had cleaned up, swept the floor, put furniture back in the house. What an amazing surprise! It looked gorgeous! The man is an artist. Even despite the fact that he was working quickly right along, he took pains to create pattern 'flow' from one tile to the next which makes for an overall cohesive eye-appeal. I told him he should sign his work. We'd sure recommend him to anyone in our local area, if they needed any flooring done. If so:
Phone: 1 (225) 265-9351
Cell Phone: 1 (985) 413-1500
Wood Floors-Vinyl Tile-Carpet
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