In Spring Dis Young Man's Fancy Turns to Thoughts of Lumber

I only wish I had a picture of boards hanging out the back of our SUV. We use it like a truck. Only a scant couple of years ago, this man, who said he couldn't even drive a nail with a hammer, now has a shed full of assorted power tools, drafts ideas on how to build projects without even using drawings, and yesterday bought some fancy screws I'd never heard of before that make their own pilot holes. He put up a trellis on the carport with these new screws with such little effort, that he had the whole thing done in less than fifteen minutes, tops. He built this little grape arbor last year, and now is plotting how to put railing on the front where we can place drinks while we are basking in the shade. I'm plotting the plants that will go around the front of it to make it cozier.
Since he got off the boat last Thursday, we have aleady gone through so many projects, I'd have to think about all we've gotten done. I know it was two trips to Lowe's, so far, and more are planned. It's either there, or Home Despot, as he calls it. He's told them, there at the store, that they have our house and we are taking it home board by board.
Day before yesterday, I was helping him cut this long pole into sections that the 'trash guys' would put in the truck this time. For some reason, they didnt' take it when it was twenty feet long. (It was an old antenna) I was holding the pipe while he sawed. I was wearing safety glasses. Still, I always turn away when he's sawing or whatever...kinda like I do when I'm getting a shot or blood drawn. I kept feeling these tiny hot little prickles on my arm, so I turned to see a blaze of sparks flying everywhere. One hot little spark got inside my clothes and burnt a little. Suddenly I thought of my hair, which has been as dry as a haystack, and probably looks like it, too. My imagination, as usual, got away from me...I thought I felt prickles on my head. I started yelling wildly at Cappy, "Is my hair on fire?? Is my hair on fire??" He stopped what he was doing, looked at me and said, "What??! No." Looked at me like I wuz crazy, and went back to cutting. Well, I dunno...it coulda been. Guess he knows what he's doing. Day after tomorrow we are off for more lumber...oh my aching lumbar. Not really...not yet anyhow :-)
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