What Does That Mean???

Sometimes things just don't make sense to me. I don't know whether it's that I'm not focused, or maybe I am focused; but on something else. Maybe it's not just me. I came home the other day to find once AGAIN the typical "OOPS" delivery. A few weeks ago I came home and found two properly placed boxes, delivered by FedEx, but in the flowerbed next to the door, while those useless 'watch owls' observed, lay a grape pie I had ordered for Cappy from NYS for his birthday. Oh, the pie was in the box alright, but it was sitting on end, while it's box, also told the "OOPS" delivery guy "THIS SIDE UP"...not on it's side. People either don't care, or they're just not focused.
I'm guilty too, at times. While I talk with Cappy on the phone, I get busy trying to do other things around the house. He pilots the boat with 'me' in his ear. We may or may not carry on a conversation per say...just kinda keep each other company. He was talking with his deckhand yesterday while I was cleaning out a cupboard and listening to the news on television. What had I heard him say just then?? "...what good is a wench? Just weld a dead man to the deck..." HUH?? I asked him what that meant, but as he was explaining about a 'deadman' being some kind of box or something that's permantely affixed to the barge, I guess I drifted off in thought again. I heard him telling another captain, on another boat, who was not familiar with the area, how to address the other boats in the area, and how to give his location there on the Intercoastal Waterway. By then I was online looking for his requested weather report. I heard him say to his deckhand that 'you have pick your victims carefully'. From past discussions I learned that not everyone takes 'corrections' from other captains. I wanted him to know that I was still on the phone, so I commented, in agreement with what he was telling the deckhand, "Uh huh....that's true." Cappy came to attention in my ear and said, "What??" Still kind of engrossed with a weather map, I said, "Yes, I agree with what you told the deckhand about picking your 'victims' carefully." He said, "....And what do you know about Mooning? Just how many people have you mooned??" I jerked to attention, "Huh?? What does that mean?" He laughed and said the conversation had changed course. I had to admit I had been on auto-pilot there for a few minutes.
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