"D" Day

This afternoon is when we expect "Dan and Desi Lu" will be landing at the airport for their long-awaited visit, bringing the rest of the family with them this time. AAAAAAiEEEEE!!! (The Cajun 'joy of life' Yell) I told the dogs that Dan and Desi Lu were coming and they got so excited. I'm telling you, these crazy 'boys' understand so much that sometimes I have to spell things when talking to Cappy, lest they start to go wild and start pushing me with their noses on the back of my legs, toward the door.
The above cartoony thing is Cappy and Pegody's logo, which we put on our biz cards to keep from having to fumble around for pen/paper/pencil etc. when giving friends and aquaintences our address, etc. As of yet, I haven't added pore ol' Raleigh, but he's there, somewhere, chasing the 'Oops Guy' down the yard or something. Since our last name is Robin, we call ourselves the 'chubby robins'...which we are.The chubby Robins assume a laid-back attitude when Cappy is home off dat boat. BUT NOT THIS WEEK!!! The 'flock' is landing today, then Cappy will be getting off the boat Thursday, then it's run-run-run fun-fun-fun. Speaking of 'run'...gotta do that right now, I still got a whole lot to do...am cooking them a big Cajun supper: beans laden with smoked turkey neck bones on rice, our special coleslaw and since I know they are coming, gonna bake a cake!
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