We Give Thanks to GOD for the Bounty He Has Given Us.

The people and poochies in Cappy and Pegody's World would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours the happiest and safest of Thanksgivings. We have truly been blest this year, and hope you have, as well. Please pause for a moment and give thanks to God , who made all this possible. Remember, as you celebrate over your turkey and trimmin's that these, like all things come from the Bounty of Christ.
(In one of the last blog postings, I mispoke and said that Cappy would be going back out on the boat today. We actually have a whole other week to spend together!!!)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving last Saturday, complete with fried turkys, as seen above, and all it's accompinaments and side dishes. Friends came bearing goodies. We had a house full of family and we all had a wonderful time. In true South Louisiana fashion, the meal was served outdoors in warm sunshiny weather, with music blasting from outside speakers. We truly "passed a good time".
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