My Heroes

To me, it's the little everyday miracles that mean so much. While Cappy was away, and I was way too busy to mess with it, the drip in the bathtub had gotten much, much worse, to the point that I knew $ was literally running down the drain at a pretty fast clip. I "Googled" info about how I might tackle the problem, but was afraid I'd turn a minor problem into a major catastrophe with no immediate rememdy at hand, and so, let it be. Yesterday Cappy and his 'helper' got it all fixed just like new, with not a drip or drizzle in sight. Ahhhh, what a relief!
Today my boys are sitting in the 'captain's chair' together, of course, watching the Saints play against the Carolina Panthers, while I have a pot of chicken gumbo almost ready to serve. Now all we need is another miracle for the Saints. A big bowl of gumbo and a Saints win would be a nice reward for dese two hero buddies.
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