They're Gone Already??

It just doesn't seem possible that a week has passed, and they are on the plane now, tonight, winging their way back to Rochester,NY. We took this pic just as they were about to get into the SUV and head on out to the airport. This is the group left to right: Jennifer (our son Dan's wife) their gorgeous baby...my 'cher bebe' grandson Chase Steven, Dan, Melinda(Jennifer's daughter), Robert, whom I am clutching so he won't get away, who is Dan's 15 yr. old son and Manny aka "Hub", (Jennifer's son) who is a complete hoot. It was so hot out we opted to stand in the shade of our banana palms to take the picture.
SparkyBear and MarkyBear are depressed at the loss of the kids, because they spent the week playing with the boys.
Cappy and I are whooped, because it was all just so wonderful and now we are planning his remaining week home and how to spend it. Stuff needs to be taken care of in the house, stuff needs attending outside the house, and I'm sure out in the bayous, the fish are jumpin'. We need to put that boat in the water!
As we recover our senses, one or both of us will be posting pictures of our early
Thanksgiving and the people who came over. We are downtalking those who didn't. (not really) Cappy has to go back out on the boat (the real) Thanksgiving morning...but it won't seem like it to us, because as far as we are concerned, we've already had thanksgiving, and have the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce leftovers to prove it.
When our family left this afternoon, it was almost 80 degrees. When they arrive tonight, it's a good thing they have their winter garb with them, because it appears that there is snow in the air up thataway. I think we sent enough Love with them to keep them warm, tho.
P.S. They called when they got home to let us know they safely arrived and that Manny was in the process of making a snowball.

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