Now Dat Was a Thanksgivin'

As Yall know we celebrated our Thanksgivin' Saturday. Today, (da real Thanksgivin') we decided to kinda 'chill'. At the last minute, tonight, 'fore we realized it, the pit was lit, the blues were blaring out on the patio, we had our tacky party lights on, and we were dancin' in the yard 'round a camp fire. Sounds silly, I know, but Peg and I are kinda spontaneous dat way. At da drop of a hat we threw a feast together and had BALL celebrating Thanksgivin' again. Peg had never had black iron pot smokey bbq beans before, so we stuck our ole fry pan full of beans and set 'em on the pit to simmer and drink up some smoke from a pecan log we had put on da coals. We had corn on the cob and some seasoned pork chunks to acompany said beanage and it was a meal fit for a king. Since there was no kings aroung,Peg and I (and da dawgs) ate it, washin' it down with assorted beverages . Sure hope you folks had as much fun as we did , but I doubt it. So now we are all worn out, full of supper and we're goin' to bed. C'mon Boys.
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