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I've kept this card around for years. When I bought it, I thought I'd send it to someone, sometime, but everytime it's found itself out of a junk trunk or box of miscellaneous stuff, I've always so thoroughly enjoyed it that I decided to keep it around for awhile longer. It's got one of those blank insides. I've always been a big fan of the cartoonist, Gary Larson, anyhow.
Presently, it reminds me that Dan and Jennifer are jumping through all the paper hoops in Rochester, getting ready to move into their new house. The reason the cartoon reminds me of that, is because I promised them that 'the Arkys' (SparkyBear and MarkyBear) wouldn't mess on their floors. They should be all moved in by Christmas, I think, and we aren't really planning on going up for a real visit til next May. When we go, I'd love to take the dogs with us again. It was surprising how much they loved the road trip, and they were so well-behaved. They did mess up at "Aunt Sookie's" house, tho, by peeing on the carpet one time...right in the middle of the floor! I don't know what the purpose of that was; we weren't there, as they were being 'babysat', while we gallavanted around town. Sookie has, or did have five cats, so I don't know whether that was a factor or not. That was no excuse. 'It was one of the nicest visits we spent in Rochester...and then they had to go and do that on the carpet!'
Dan and Jennifer & 'troop' should arrive next Tuesday afternoon; a couple of days before Cappy gets off the boat. I'm still feverishly working on getting things 'stowed' into nooks and crannies in the name of 'Organization'. Even with odds and ends going to 'da road' or 'anywhere', it feels as though a petite Cinderella(ahem...that being all the nice, pretty stuff in our little house...) has grown into a vast, tangled, oversized, ponderous, tentacled colossus trying to fit herself into a tiny ball gown, (...and that would be the house...) well, it just aint workin'. Well, dat 'prince' will be gettin' off the boat next week, too, so ol' Cinderella better excercise a whole lot more discretion. I'm workin' on it...I'm workin' on it. (I guess I kinda strangled logic somewhat on of all that, but I think you get the point.)The day before company arrives I plan on hauling big boxes to the post office and sending them off to New York. I hope the kids don't mind holding onto their Christmas gifts, in BOXES, taking up space in their houses for about a month or so.
I took a break from all that to write this blog to you. Actually, I took a break from drawing our Christmas card. You'd think after so many years, it would get easier, but it hasn't. Cappy said I'm always picking at them, even after they are finished, and that I am still touching them up and primping on them, even as they are on their way into the envelopes and the glue is all wet. Too true. As in the past, we'll post them here on the blog, (check archives) as well, so 'Yall' can see them. I am thinking that if you write and ask for one of our Christmas cards at our email: cappy_and_pegody@yahoo.com , you just might find one in your 'snail mail' box this year. (Of course, if you are already friends and family, you know yours will be finding it's way to your house again, as usual.)
Alright, it was nice 'visiting' with you just now, but, alas, back to...hey! what's that on the floor?! Why, it's two white 'pamered curlies' (bichon frise in French), just laying there, innocently snoozing, for a change. Hmm.
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