Everybody (except Destiny aka Desi Lu) Made it Home

Well, the house if full again with sounds of family...how very nice that is. Instead of getting a chance to relax and regroup, everybody landed feet first and are off and running. Today Dan and Jennifer plan on taking in New Orleans, whilst the rest of the crew readies for tomorrow's early Thanksgiving. Cappy has two 12 lb. turkeys thawed and will soon be injecting them with his special spices then leave them overnight to marinate through and through. Tomorrow he plans on deep frying them to perfection...and folks, if you've never had deep-fried turkey...oh migosh, it's Wonderful. In our archives we have directions, which, perhaps in a few days we may repost up front here.
Please excuse me if this is short and fuzzy; I'm still sipping coffee, trying to get my bearings. We just had a diet breakfast of creamy old-fashioned grits, bacon, home fries, fried eggs,boudin, satsuma oranges and rich coffee. Now I have to haul that with me all day, around my waist, while getting a big Cajun lunch and big Cajun supper ready, and cooking for tomorrow's feast, too. Not gonna skrimp...the kids are writing reports for school on all they ate down here. They liked the beans and sucking the smoked turkey neck bones, file` gumbo, grits and boudin. I plan on having them understand the song 'Jambalaya', which we sing all the way home from the airport every time they come down, by feeding them jambalaya, crawfish pie, and drinking out of a filled fruit jar. As stated...they already had the file` gumbo.
Ok...so, we are 'off to the races'; tawk with ya'll later.

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