They Just Got So Excited, the Big Silly Boys

Well, that didn't last long. I took the 'boys'...the guys on the boat, their Christmas gifts last week. Cappy is still saving his to open Christmas morning. The other two got so excited, they made excuses why they had to open their gifts early, so I might as well show ya'll now. The one guy used to be a rodeo dude, and he's not all that interested in football, so I made him rodeo pillow cases and included a new pillow. I guess it was "too bulky and in the way" so he 'had' to open it now. Hmmm. He was all excited and said he loves it! The other 'kid' hasn't gotten Christmas or birthday gifts since he was 12, so we got him two gifts. He couldn't believe it. He kept fondling the wrappings and said since he figured out what one of them was, and "since Robert got to open his pillow cases early",he might as well go ahead and open it. Again...Hmmm. Cappy got him a very cool CD case, which will hold about 50 CD's. He really needed it, too, because he had a growing collection of CD's but no place to keep them. Cappy told him to hold off on opening the other gift from his 'den mother' (that would be me), so he would have something to open on Christmas morning. Later, when I talked with Cappy that same evening, he told me "Asa LOVES his new Saints quilt".

If I make another trip out there, it might be with Christmas stockings, and if they snoop around this time, they might find lumps of coal. (drat...knowing me, it'll be made of dark chocolate.) How could I be mad at these kids??

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