New Years Eve Smoke Balls

Like kids, Peg and I have been slowly popping the fireworks I got her for Christmas; slowly building up to tonight's big backyard fireworks bash, that we are planning. I'm sure the neighbors will be busily adding to our display. We plan to ring in the new year with a bang!...several bangs, actually, and are expecting company tomorrow to feast on traditional Southern New Year goodies.

Tomorrow we are going to deep-fry another turkey, but the most important "gotta have"s are black eyed peas, cabbage, and cornbread. We will make the black-eyed peas steeped in Cajun spices and smoked ham hocks. The cabbage will be 'smothered' down with sauteed onions, again, our special Cajun spice and a local smoked sausage cut in slices. The cornbread will actually be what we call Mexican cornbread, made with chopped fried bacon, pickled jalepeno slices, whole corn, creamed corn and grated cheddar cheese. There'll be the usual assortment of snacks and drinks. Today Peg made lemon squares from the lemons in our yard, and brownies with pecans from our trees, not to mention yet another loaf of banana nut bread and orange nut bread. It sure is handy having all this fruit and nuts right out our back door.

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