Behind the Scenes Here & Problem with our Email Thingy

This year we opted to get our Christmas cards printed professionally, because when the computer 'went down' a few months ago, it took the printer with it. Tho the printer now works, it just aint not doin' all that great. I went to Thibodaux and picked up the cards, but I still have a couple of things I want to print on the cards before I send them out. (You know...there's still time if you'd like us to send you one of our cards, free of charge...just because it's our gift...just send us your address at our email: cappy_and_pegody@yahoo.com <---that's wrong! (There's no underline for the address; the blogger keeps putting it there. So, write: cappy ,then underscore _ then 'and' then underscore_then'pegody' then @yahoo.com I hope I haven't made it too confusing.)
If you've already gotten a card from us in the past, most likely you'll be gittin' another one soon.)
So, that's what I'll be doing for the next couple of days, printing and stuffing the envelopes to head on out your way. Tomorrow I will try meeting up with Cappy to take some meds to one of the guys on the boat. It's terrible when they're way out in the country where there are no roads, and no quick way to get out, even in an emergency. I was talking with Cappy the other day and the Coast Guard radio came on, talking to people who were so far back in the swamp, where it's too hard for anyone to get to, even helicopters, and the 35 yr old captain was having a heart attack. We don't know how it ended, but we were praying fervently for the poor guy and his crew...And the Coast Guard, who were feverishly trying to come to the rescue.
Meanwhile, here at home SparkyBear is having some kind of problem with his mouth, and Cappy is kinda worried about 'his boy'. After I take the meds to Cappy's young man out on the boat, I might have to run dis dawg to the vet. I hope not. The poor little man might have to have a tooth pulled or something...I SURE hope not.
Well, that's what's been going on in our little part of the world. I only have a bit of sewing to finish, then I'm all set for Christmas. I'm feeling kind of guilty for buying these two 'pampered frizzies' (Bichon Frise's) each a doggie shirt, but nothing for Raleigh-Raleigh to wear. Cappy said, put a wreath around his neck and stick a candy cane in his mouth. Done and done.
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