Snow Place Like Home for the Holidays

Doug and Trish sent us this Christmas card last year. It's got real glitter scattered on the roof-top snow, the bushes and trees, the yard; everywhere. I absolutely love this picture. I couldn't wait til December, so, found it and brought it out and put it on our computer desk in October. It gives me such a warm, comforted feeling, for some reason. I think it reminds me of junior high, and high school, when I'd walk home from school in the winter(two miles...IN the cold...uphill both ways; snickering here). It would be suppertime by the time I'd start down our avenue, and by that time I was shivering, with the snow having somehow gotten down into my boots, making my feet cold and soppy. The frigid air, during the long trek home, always seeped in through the layers of my clothing, so by the time I got home, I was 'chilled to the bone', as we used to say, (and I dare to venture, they still say that up north). Just as I'd be walking through the snow down our lightly traveled street, I might be thinking I couldn't take another step, but there in the dusk, was our house, warm glowing lights streaming out through the windows, encouraging me that I could at least make it that far; to get home to family and warmth...warmth and solace lay ahead. And there was the knowledge that my Mom or Grandma would have something good cooking for supper. I knew that the minute my foot hit our front porch, I'd be able to smell something delicious waiting for me inside. Ohhhh...one of the most wonderful smells in the whole world, to me, was my mother's scalloped potatoes (with ham), especially on a cold, blustery day. My Dad would be sitting there, in from work, reading his newspaper. My brother might be up in his room practicing his drums. My aunt Bev (same age as I am), ...who knows what she'd be up to, the silly girl. The house was packed, full of love and family. Sighhhh...that's why I'm so fond of this painting; it reminds me of Home.
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