Quick Note Update or Much Ado 'bout Nuffin Much

Our daughter-in-law, Jessica sent us this link, which inspired me to 'elf' cappy, me and the dawgs. From left to right on this link, you'll see Jessica, son Joe, our granddaughter, Ashley and our grandson, Zachary. http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1242375697 Too much fun!!
I'm getting ready to take SparkyBear to the vet. I usually only give the dogs a bath about every two weeks. When I was giving him and Mark their bathes last night, I removed the Invisible Fence collar, I was shocked and horrified to find an HUGE three and a half inch gash, about an inch high, all bloodied along his throat and there's even dried blood clumps! I don't know how deep it is, but it looks BAD. I couldn't see it before this because of all the fur and curls around his neck. I thought the problem was with his mouth, all this time, but couldn't see anything wrong with his teeth. I'm waiting for the Vet to open. I was going to take him there today anyhow. Now I'm just sick about it...I couldn't fall asleep til around three this morning.
The collar had gotten taken off when the kids were here, so the little hot shot took off down the street after a loping long-eared basset hound, who happened to pass by. I had the kids put the collar back on post haste. I'll keep you posted....gotta run and get this taken care of NOW. (jingle bells, jingle bells...)
Ok, all is calm, all is bright.
Cappy and I were really worried. It seems that, like the rest of us, SparkyBear had gained weight, making the collar tight in the last two weeks, and he's got an allergy to the contacts on the electric battery thingy. Dr. Crawford said she was surprised he hadn't shown symptoms way before this. Once she shaved his throat, she could see the situation an whole lot better and said she's seen worse. No consolation...it was pretty darned ugly. First, it got irritated from the allergy, then abrasion, or friction from being tight caused the bleeding. At least it wasn't deep, as I had feared, but was afraid to look. So, now I'll just hook the battery alarm to his old loose collar, and the "BEEP" he hears should be enough to stop him from meandering down the street after any other attractive ...uh...girl dog, he might see sashaying down our street.

At least SparkyBear got to see baby kitties
at the vet's, so to him the trip wasn't a total loss.
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