Since I accidentally left my BRAND new expensive video camera and my regular camera way over in Alexandria yesterday(!!!), I have no pictures to post for you. I expect that Cappy, who gets off the boat tomorrow (hipporee!!), and I will meet up with cousin Larry someplace to retrieve them. Seeing as how I found this picture in my email box from cousin Meli, I guess I don't mind at all. Look at her beautiful children. How precious is this? They sure have grown since we last saw them. It doesn't seem like that long at all.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know I did. All the kids called and said they loved their gifts. Son Joe was upset that his gifts hadn't gotten here, but the package came this morning. I went to pick up 'the boys'...the "Arky boys" at the kennel this afternoon. They musta been whooping it up the whole time they were there because they've slept since they've gotten home, and that's all they've done. Poor Mark's eyes look all red-rimmed and bloodshot, as if he'd cried the whole time. He's definitely a 'mommy's boy' and never lets me get out of his sight, so this last four days must have been very traumatic for him, even tho SparkyBear was there with him. The dogs and their 'dad' still have presents under the tree, so they'll open them tomorrow and take pictures on Cappy's camera.
Re-reading this, it sounds pretty bland, but I guess I'll go join 'the boys', I'm whooped, too. Stay tuned for more. Hi Aunt Gussie! I Love you, and it was sooo good hugging yore beautiful ol' neck.
P.S. Feel free to send us news...you are part of our world and we would be honored to share it here.
P.S.S. Since one of the Uncle's gifts from us got lost, then I left my cameras over there...I also misplaced the diamond cross necklace Sookie gave me, cried and cried and bawled my eyes out til I found it in my purse...cousin Larry had the nerve to ask, "You still got your drawers??" phhunny. Yes, I do. (I hadda check, after all that goings on, just to make sure...but as a matter of fact) yes, I do. ;-p
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