Cappy Da Plummer

We planted our little plum trees the year before Katrina. In their short lives they have seen their share of misery. In the five years that they have been strugglinf for life in our in our yard, they have been battered, split and leaned over by 4 major hurricanes. Well, despite it all, they have grown and come into their own this year and are currently heavily weighted down by a bumper crop of fruit. Yep, them trees are plum loaded, and we are plum thrilled over their success. At risk of going plum crazy with plum puns, I grabbed a ladder and a dishpan and rounded up a big pan of the plentiful plums. After the success of our lemon jelly, we were in da canning mood and decided to try some plum jam. We perused several foodie blogs and found a nice article about loquat jam, took a few notes and went to jammin'. We decided to peel the plums after some debate, and I am glad we did. It was really easy to peel and pit them, and the end result was a beautiful golden concoction that tastes wonderfully sweet and plum delicious. I did goof by not adding enough pectin however, and it turned out to be a sweet canned liquid plum thing, kinda like what ya get in a can of peaches. Not jam like at all, but we learn through our mistakes. We plan to enjoy them on pancakes and corn fritters etc, and their are plenty more plums ripening for next hitch when I return home plum thrilled at the opportunity to go plummin' again.
P.S. I'd like to apologize to yall for Cappy's punny post. He does love a good pun and had to be restrained from adding several more plummish puns to this post.

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