When Life Hands You Lemons

Our Meyers lemon tree was so full of ripe juicy lemons that it was starving itself trying to keep them all fed. I grabbed my trusty garden shears, picked the lemons that were dragging the ground and tried to lighten the load on the tree, which by the way, is already putting out it gloriously aromatic spring flowers. We parked the wheel-barrow full of lemons on the road with a "Free Lemons" sign on it, but the few people that stopped by didn't make a noticable dent in the load. I went to surfin' da net for lemon suggestions and Googled lemon jelly. I was thrilled to find a recipe on a blog that sounded good, so Peg and I went to making jelly. The jelly came out wonderful. Thanks to a nice lady named Diane ( http://famcorner.blogspot.com/ ) for the recipe. We will be heading out shortly for more canning supplies and can't wait to try this wonderful jelly in some recipes which we are already cooking up in our heads, like sweet and sour lemon chicken or .....
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