They Trashed Our Kitchen & Laughed About It.

Before all the problems with the country's financial upheaval, last Fall, we contracted our cabinet guy to build us new kitchen cupboards because we are sadly lacking in storage space. So we were committed. Right now, tonight, the dogs are worried that their Mom might have to be. Their world is all upside down here in the house. As usual, I was getting in the workers' way with the camera, wanting to document the whole thing for ya.
Every time I get the camera out SparkyBear thinks he has to have his face in the picture. I always show him his picture on the computer when I take it, so the he knows what the camera is, believe it or not. I just intended to show the demolition process, but the minute the camera came out, he kept whining & jumping and getting in the way of the camera, until I said, "Oh, alright". When I say that, he sits quietly and poses. So alright, there he is. (Brat.)

Cappy's sister, Maria's husband, Darryl and their son, Ren came over to do the 'de-construction' of the kitchen today.

They came in and got right busy on it.

Ok, Here's the drill. I think it was Ren's first time at handling an electric screwdriver, but once he caught on, he did very well.

It wasn't easy, but they kept right at it, til they were finished. They only stopped for lunch, which I had made. I had some chicken in the oven and a pot of white beans on the stove, which, in hindsight, wasn't all that good an idea, as they were working all around the stove. I was afraid they might get burned or the pot might get knocked over, which would be the usual likely thing to have happen, as most of 'yall' know from my stories in the past, but not today. Anytime I thought one of them got too close, I ran and grabbed the pot and relegated it for safe keeping in the other room. When I thought it was safe, I ran and put it back to cook some more. It turned out ok. (Yow! Who is that Masked Man?) They worked great as a team, finished the job, and unlike most workers...PROFESSIONAL workers who come in, they brought the shop vac and cleaned up after themselves. wow. The pros could take a lesson from these guys.

Hi Ho, 'Slivers' and away they went, a job well done.

I'm hoping the garbage guys will pick this all up. If they don't I might have to pick up a few things each garbage day, stuff it into the garbage cans and have them take it away a little at a time. They come twice a week.
I can tell that the dogs don't understand the improvement. Tonight MarkyBear was barking at the wall where the sink 'usta was', and Sparky keeps pacing around the kitchen snooping at everything thats not there. (?)
I was told that Keith and his crew would be here no later than the middle of the week to put in the new kitchen. It's Sunday right now...Monday, Tuesday...Wednesday <:-s I still have that bean pot to wash, so Cappy told me to wash it in the bathtub. He's always laughingly calling us "Delightfully trashy", but I dunno, the bathtub???
(Wednesday...sighhhh...I'll letcha know.)
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